Trail Tales Cast Chat with Gary Sandy

Boy howdy, sometimes you get a big ol' surprise when you least expect it! That was me today. I called up the contact number of Gary Sandy and I expected to hear a friendly receptionist on the other end of the line and the name of an agency, not the smiling voice of Gary Sandy himself. So, picking myself up off of the floor.. I introduced myself and Mr. Sandy said that we could talk right then and there. [Can I just say... 'love him!']

*again, this was unplanned, so this is all from notes*

He remembered his time on the show as very enjoyable and he was treated very well by the cast and crew. The first two names he mentioned were Anthony Zerbe and Stephen Baldwin. Anthony was someone that Mr. Sandy had known before and respected his work.

Stephen had met Mr. Sandy some time before the Young Riders, after a production of the 'Rainmaker' that Mr. Sandy was staring in. Stephen had come back stage after the show and commented on Mr. Sandy's performance and the two spent some time together. Another cast member he remembered as a nice guy, was Josh Brolin and said that the cast really seemed to have a fun time together. 

<>On the set, Mr. Sandy spent most of his free time with Anthony and Stephen... and James Keach who was the director for the episode. Mr. Sandy remembers that as the director, Mr. Keach had been instrumental in casting him in the part. He had known Mr. Keach's brother, Stacey, for years, back when they were doing theater in New York.

Contrary to his popular role as Andy on "WKRP," Mr. Sandy said that he had spent a number of his early years on Soap Operas as the 'bad guy' or the 'heavy' and so the role of Saunders on the Young Riders was like stepping back onto familiar ground.

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Wow... little did I know when I picked up that phone that I'd be speaking with the man himself.. that DAY! Here at Trail Tales and in the TYR Fandom, we wish him well and hope he'll have many successes in the coming years. So, here's a big ol' THANKS for taking the time to speak with me!  Thanks! - Raye   Thanks also to Cindy for the use of her screencaps.