Trail Tales Cast Interview with Eddie Jones

"Benjamin Taylor" from MAN BEHIND THE BADGE

My Questions and Comments in Gold
Mr. Jones in WHITE!

Mr. Jones took some time in between filming days of “Fighting Tommy Reilly” to allow me to interview him. Thank YOU, Mr. Jones!!

I remember when I got out to the set it was very sunny, but the last day of shooting they had a blizzard. Everybody was waiting to finish a scene and it was going overtime on Friday night. Sleet, snow and all that stuff. THAT  I remember.

I remember liking the part, a lot. I was working with one of the Baldwin Boys.

Stephen.   ...and a Dark Haired Girl. [Catherine Gilman ]

There was a scene in the jail, I was eating a steak and made some comment about the quality of the steak. I was playing a drunken lawyer that had been practically disbarred, but he comes around and practically saves the day.

For Mr. Jones, 'The Young Riders' was not only his first Western, but also his last. What is the difference between the two?

In this case, there wasn't much difference, except you wear a lot of wool... and it's generally pretty grimy..other than that, there are horses running by.. or a buggy or something like that. A lot of accents.

When did you get the script? How far in advance?

If it's a weekly show, sometimes it's just a couple days.. but to seven to ten days... that's generally about the time you have for one of those episodes.

Bloopers? Mis-takes?

The actors were great. I was having trouble with one scene and they were great, [they] hung in there with me and we finally got the scene done.  I thought it all came off very well. I was very pleased with that character and the scenes.

First Three Photos: Ben and Sam sharing a little 'comfort'... cold tea...
Four through Six: Ben working on Sam's case.
Seven: Fresh from talking to Doris (Catherine Gilman) Ben ponders what to do without a witness.

A big  ALOHA to Mr. Jones for taking time out of his filming schedule to speak with me!
The best to you and yours!  -  Raye