Trail Tales Cast Interview with 

Bobby Joe McFadden

Appeared in FOUR Episodes of 'The Young Riders'

I just wanted to start off by saying what a pleasure it was to speak with Mr. MacFadden! Both he and his wife are absolute sweethearts!  They welcomed our HUNGRY group into the pub and allowed us to take up all the seats!

He has had such an incredible career and had so many famous people sit down at his bar. His walls are covered with photos of his famous customers and friends! Just a stone's throw away from Mescal, Bobby's place was a hang out after filming for the cast and crew. What a great place to unwind after a long day. The only thing I'm still waiting to experience is their goldfish races... who wants to join me!?

Starlight, Starbright

Bobby played the character of Horace in this episode. Times have been rough for all, and Horace points that out to Tompkins.

Old Scores

Bobby is one of the homesteaders
in this episode


Bobby was the gravedigger in this episode. At first he was shocked that someone would dig up a grave, he was soon in the middle of trouble.


the Marshal of Cottonwood... his methods clash with a Pinkerton's efforts to catch criminals. It's a problem of good ol' boys and the new pups... but he looks pretty friendly with Jimmy.  I guess, any friend of Teaspoon's...

Behind the Scenes Photos from the Young Riders Set
(if you are one of the 'towns folk' in these photos.. please let me know!)

Looks like it's Billy Joe Patton

Bobby Joe is a sweetheart! We first found out about him at one of the reunions in Tucson. We stopped in for lunch at his Pub and had a BLAST... When we stopped by during TYR2003 - Fan Gathering, we found out that Bobby had passed on last year... I send my love and well wishes to his family! - Raye