Our Sympathies...

To the Families and Friends of those that have passed away.

Taken from us too soon, we mourn their passing and
celebrate their lives and talent!

Please take a moment to look through this list of our departed friends.

Christopher Pettiet
Jesse James "Third Season"
02.12.1976 - 04.12.2000
Albert Salmi
Nickerson "Speak No Evil"
03.11.1928 - 04.22.1990
Brion James
"Fall From Grace"
02.20.1945 - 08.07.1999
Frederick Coffin
Sutro "Unfinished Business"
01.16.1943 - 07.31.2003
Bobby Joe McFadden
Towns Person Multiple Episodes
?? - 2002
Nobel Willingham
"Then There was One"
08.31.1931 - 01.17.2004