Trail Tales Cast Interview with Ty Miller

"The Kid"

Trail Tales Questions in Gold
Ty's Answers in White

What was the Audition process like?
Very much like all auditions. It's a total of four or five meetings before the network chooses who they like. Usually the network asks for three different choices at the final 'callback'. That meeting is called a network 'test'.

How did you hear about the audition?
The normal process...agents and managers usually handle getting the auditions, from a listing called the 'breakdowns'.

Who did you read with from the actual cast?
I read with Josh and with Yvonne.

Besides the role of Kid, where there other characters you read for?
Nope, that was it!

Are there any actors you remember reading with/ or from the casting call that did not make the final cast?
Well, I remember alot the people from the different auditions, many who were part of a regular 'circuit' of actors going out on auditions at the time, especially in the same 'type' roles.

What was COWBOY CAMP like?
Much fun. We could have used a couple more weeks of it before the first-season intro credits, though!

What kind of special training did you receive before starting the series? ie: riding, period weapons?
Mostly the 'cowboy camp'. We all continued to ride as much as we could on set and practice with the guns. We had a quick-draw champ around on set quite a bit, so he taught us a lot, too.

What was the major difference in filming at a place like Old Tucson Studios, where the public is watching you, and filming at Mescal, where the public is not watching?
I preferred Mescal, but not so much because of the people watching us...on the other hand, we were only at Old Tucson studios for one day out of the week (usually), so it was nice to work closer to town.

When fans visited the set, do you feel it enhanced the atmosphere, or did their presence hinder the concentration on set?
I would say it did was nice to have visitors, though!

What was the most fun you had during filming?
From the first day of the pilot to the last day of the final episode. It really was a great time overall.

What was the scariest moment during filming?
Hmmm...can't recall.

Mescal or OTS: which set felt more like home?

On set, where would you go to GET AWAY for some peace?
In Mescal it was much space, you could just take a hike if you knew you weren't in the next scene. The dressing room was always good too, though. At Old Tucson, it was usually just the dressing room.

What was the mood like during the filming of In the Presence of Mine Enemies ?
Well, Travis is a good guy and was a friend to everybody, so nobody wanted to see him go. It was a fairly downcast mood if I remember correctly.

What was the mood like during the filming of the final episodes?
Mixed emotions...on one hand, we all wanted to go on hiatus after a long year of filming...on the other hand, well, it was the last episodes, so their was some sadness too.

How early in the morning did you have to wake up for filming?
It varied. Some calls were as early as 5am, some were in the afternoon, some at night. It depended on which scenes were being shot that day and which characters were in them.

How many rehearsals were typical before you filmed a scene?
When everything was working well, it was usually just a couple rehearsals and then shoot. If it was a particularly complicated shot with lots of camera movement, etc., then it could be a few more rehearsals.

How did night scenes compare to the scenes filmed during the day?
I liked them both. It was always nice to have nights after a long string of day shoots and vice-versa.

What did you enjoy the most?
All the people. I have great, lasting memories of almost everyone, cast and crew. Also, the desert...I love the desert.

Arizona has an extreme weather system, chilly cold to triple digit heat. How did the variations in the weather affect you and the rest of the cast?
For me, the variation was good. My favorite time was in the rainy season... thunder/lightning... smell of the desert...can't beat it.

What were your hobbies / down time fun on set? Off set?
Let's see...played a lot of pool, played some music, read some books, hiked, biked...all the usual fun things.

Just a BIG OL' Hey Howdy to Ty for taking the time answer these questions!

April 4th, 2002

On Vacation in California I had the amazing opportunity to meet with Ty Miller.

We had a great conversation and time seemed to fly by so fast that
I hadn't realized that what I thought would be a quick hello and a handshake
turned into about and hour and half of funny stories and lots of laughs!