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Questions and comments by Trail Tales will be in Yellow Answers by Paige in White!

Interview posted December 4th, 2001

Trail Tales would like to that Paige for the time she took to answer the questions and send us some pictures from her time on the set! THANK YOU PAIGE!!

The Interview

How long did you live in Arizona?

I lived there for three years from 1987-1990 or so.

How old were you when you visited the set?

I believe I was like 12

How many times did you get to visit the set?

Over 10 times

How did you get access to the set?

My mom's husband worked on the set for a generator company (Bebee Generators) to provide electricity in desolate areas.

Do you remember what episodes you saw in production?

No, I was too busy goofing off with the guys that I paid little attention!

Which of the actors did you get to talk with?

Ty Miller, Anthony Zerbe, Travis Fine, Stephen Baldwin, Yvonne, Gregg Rainwater, Brett Cullent, Josh Brolin, etc!!!

First Impressions... for each as much as you can remember...

StephenB - Total womanizer! Even [though I was] 12 he was a flirt. This was before he was married, he once said to me "If I weren't getting married, woudl you marry me?" It was funny!

Travis - Spent the most time with me, even outside of work. We went to the mall, lunch, a poetry reading, etc. he was like an older brother to me.

Ty - Played the guitar for me once in his dressing room, he was a very genuine person

Gregg - A hottie! Cute smile and beautiful hair, enough said!

Josh - Serious and intriguing. There was something about him that made you wonder. He was very good looknig.

Lou - Travis, Lou and I hung out at a baseball game between the cast and crew. She was a doll and very pretty underneath all that cowboy gear!

Did you visit Mescal/OTS... both?

Mescal mostly and OTS once or twice.

Which location did you like the best?


This is a picture of Paige's mom with Stephen.

Thanks again, Paige!