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Interview posted March, 2002

Trail Tales would like to thank Danielle for taking the time to gab on the phone with me! THANK YOU DANIELLE!!

Questions and comments by Trail Tales will be in Yellow Answers by Danielle in White!

The Interview

Danielle lived in Phoenix during the years that the Young Riders were filmed. Traveling with her family, she was able to take a trip down to Tucson and Old Tucson Studios. She believes she was about 13 or 14 but we know it was during the second season...

When she arrived at OTS she saw the sign saying that they were filming an episode called TALISMAN.

There was a full sized publicity poster, framed, at the front of the studios and took a picture of it. At the time, she was an Ike and Buck fan and was disappointed to see her photo of the poster after it had been developed. There was a blaze of reflected sunlight covering Ike in the image!

Inside the park, the Mission set was roped off and pushcarts were everywhere! Josh Brolin, Don Franklin and Anthony Zerbe were standing off to the side, apparently awaiting for filming as they drank water from a jug.

If you can manage to get REALLY close, that's Anthony Zerbe and Josh Brolin near the door! Danielle, enterprising as well as intelligent moved over to the left.. near the wide swinging gate to the side of the mission.. There she didn't have to fight the crowds of fans.

It was there she had the chance to sit and talk with the actor that played Father Riley. With about 20 minutes to spare she had a wonderful talk and even wrote down the phone number for the agent that cast the extras for filming.

Stephen Baldwin stopped by... out of costume. Sporting a cap and glasses he waved at Danielle as he passed by with his Eskimo dog.

Later as she walked around the park, she saw Stephen again. She was able to hand him a 'teen magazine' to sign and they both laughed over his comments on the picture. She remembers him as very friendly and down to earth.

For lunch, Danielle wentto one of the burger places in the park and was surprised to see that Josh Brolin and some of the crew members were sitting at the table next to her. The table was roped off but unwilling to pass up on the opportunity to meet him, Danielle quietly approached the table and handed him he magazine. The other people at his table crowded around to look at the picture and gave him heck for the decided 'hunk' appeal of the picture. Josh kept his cool and handed the signed magazine back to her and went back to his glass of milk. all I can say is... she's got a sharp eye and an even sharper recollection.

The signature was: Josh Brolin of the Peace Lizards.

Later on in the day, Danielle saw none other than Ty Miller making his way down an empty side street. She called to him a few times and he finally stopped and waited while she caught up. He signed the picture and ran off back down the road... it was later on that Danielle realized that he may have been heading somewhere ... important.

Now, I think she's one lucky fan... too bad she didn't have a chance to go back again! Imagine the fun! We're so very grateful that Danielle shared her memories with us!!! HERE ARE SOME BONUS PHOTOS... Make sure you get to the bottom of the page!!! The last picture is just priceless!