Trail Tales Crew: Pictures from the

Lundin Horse Farm in CA

Pictures Taken on: April 4th, 2002

First, a BIG thank you to Rita Lundin, although I did not get a chance to meet her personally
I do want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to go out and see Josh/Jimmy's horse!

Rita was working on a film with some of the other horses and shooting calls come first! Thanks Rita...
and.. a BIG thank you to Richard and Rose Lundin for letting me know that Cat/Kat was still in California!

The Pictures

After following a 'sometimes' paved road for a good couple of miles..
My father and I were convinced we'd gotten lost somewhere in Canyon Country.. but then..
out of the waning sunlight... there is was...
Lundin Horse Farm! Not only are the horses friendly...
but if you give them a chance, the dogs will LOVE you to death!