Hey all, this is Raye...  and this page is just for some fun information.

So, I thought I'd start by thanking some of my great friends, who really helped me 'get back on my feet' with this website..

Thanks to Lori, Cindy, Dee... you guys ROCK!

Thanks to those same girls and adding Wendy, Liz and Vicki for helping me come up with a list of other possible domain names!

Such as... www.shirtlesscowboys.com

and www.beargreaseandonions.com *which i really loved*

I just wanted to add in some photos... I have more, from my travels, but I thought I'd post a few that were at my fingertips

(Above Right)Melissa Leo invited me to the Los Angeles Premier of "21 Grams". This photo was taken after the film at the reception. What a thrill!
The picture above was at our fan gathering in Vegas. The first cast member that I met :) Big thanks to Anthony Zerbe for making our visit with him AMAZING! The picture above was taken by Josh Brolin himself! After his darling fiance(this was before they were married), Diane Lane took our picture, Josh assured me that he was really good at taking pictures and pulled me up alongside him for a picture. You know.. he IS really good at taking pics like that!
Forgive the bad quality of the image NOW, my 'puter corrupted the image and that's all I could save
The picture above was taken on the set of Lost Treasure by Stephen's assistant. Lisa and I were fresh from Reunion in Tucson and we were invited to spend the day on set. After hanging out with Stephen for a few hours, Lisa and I went to meet with Ty and drop off some goodies for him from the ladies at Reunion